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Java 2D Game Developing Setup

I plan to create a simple kind of "interface" between game powering code and the creative part of game development. It won't be a solution for creating games without any programming, just a simpler idea of structuring and layering a project by classes that grip into each other and creating a safe environment.

Also it sounds like I'm using "Java 2D" - I do not. Rendering will be done by using a bit-blit technique on whose implementation a friend of mine is currently working.

Features planned:

Setting general preferences for your game: Title, description, screen resolution, toggle full-screen, window icon

Resource management: Images, sprites, animations, videos, texts, saves

Game logics: Level order, player class

Menus: Main, in game main, load/save, dialogs, settings

Game elements: Level class, subtitle/save-game/sprite/animation/video/sound manager,

Engine: Controls, sound, physics, particles, render


All you need: An idea!

What you get: The tools!

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